About Us

Our Mission

"To provide the most efficient and effective way for tattoo artists to connect with their clients anywhere in the world."

Guest Spot is a mobile application that helps tattoo artists save more time and make more money by booking guest spots at tattoo shops and conventions around the world in less than 24 hours with a marketplace of detailed listings and reviews of tattoo shops.
The Problem
Currently, the painful process of searching and booking space is comparable to calling every hotel to book a room. Artists waste a lot of time negotiating their conditions and scheduling non-conflicting dates. Most tattoo artists typically stays within their circle of influence but even that can cause issues, like double-booking. Their only other alternative in this highly-fragmented industry is posting and searching social media content about potential guest spot opportunities. Artists are reluctant in expanding their reach outside of their circle of influence since trust is a big factor in working with unfamiliar shops.
The Solution
Artists can filter their search to find guest spots anywhere around the world more efficiently. With our availability calendar, space owners only need to create detailed listings once so they don’t waste time negotiating or scheduling non-conflicting dates. The space owner simply accepts or denies artists within 24 hours of booking notifications. Our marketplace helps to maintain trust and accountability with our ratings/reviews system that is enabled after their experience.